Using Email Marketing For Your Fundraising Page

email marketing fundraising page

In order to send emails, you need an audience! So let’s start the our email marketing conversation with how to collect emails:

  • Include an email subscribe form on your website so you can collect emails from users who are interested in hearing more from you (this will be helpful as we talk about email marketing later in this guide). Many email platforms have easy-to-create subscription forms to add to your website and sync with your Facebook page to add as a tab. P.S. Checkout HelloBar.
  • Run a contest or influencer campaign on Facebook to get people to submit their emails to be considered.

Now, let’s look at what kinds of emails to send, promoting your fundraising page. Emails still prove to be a highly effective conversion tool. By conversion I mean, it’s difficult to determine how many people you actually recruit to your efforts via social media posts as they are mass communicated and not personal. On emails, however, you are able to know exactly which person you are talking to, address them by their first name in an email, and track which links they clicked-on. It’s crucial you create an email marketing strategy to announce and remind people about your fundraising campaign.

  • The emails should have a similar flow to the social media calendar: awareness/education, reporting what your organization is doing/impact, and creating urgency to support your cause to achieve “X”.
  • Ensure you have grown your email database as much as possible on your email platform: partner with other organizations to share email lists and export your LinkedIn, Gmail, and Facebook contact lists.
  • Work with the most creative person in your office to design a simple, on-brand, exciting email template design. You can read our blog on Event Invitations to get some ideas.
  • Subject lines are KEY! Do some research beforehand to see what’s the latest and greatest in email subject lines.

TIP: You should be studying reports on your each one of your emails about 5-7 days after it’s sent to learn where people clicked, who clicked, which subject lines or images worked best, etc. Take these learnings and apply them to any subsequent communications you send out.

Here is an excellent example by Dress For Success Austin:

Start designing YOUR fundraising page today: