The 5 Most Important Places on a Fundraising Page

1. Surprise, surprise, it’s the top of the page! According to this study, user viewing time was distributed as follows: Above the fold: 80.3% // Below the fold: 19.7%. In the same study, the viewing time increased significantly at the very bottom of the webpage, which means that visitor’s attention goes up again in the bottom of the page. Inserting a good call-to-action or relevant content to the end of the webpage can drive up conversions.

Even more specifically, people look to the top left corner of the website first.

2.  To the left, to the left 🎶People look more at the left side of a page. This study reports that the left side of the website received 69% of the viewing time – People spent more than twice as much time looking at the left side of the page as they did the right.

3. What about text? Your first two paragraphs need to state the most important information in your text – This is the content your visitors will most probably read. Use subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs to make your content more readable.

4.The subjects in your visuals should be looking at where you want to send people on the page. Several heat map studies have shown that people follow the direction of the model’s eyes in photos. So the person(s) in your image is looking at the donate button, it will reinforce that’s where you want your users to look as well.

5. The button! Duh! Well, we hope one of the focal points on a landing page is the button consider that is where users take the action you want them to take. Buttons that stand out have a compelling CTA, contrastingly stand out in terms of color respective to the other elements on the site, and they are the main focal point of the page.