Step By Step Fundraising Promotion Guide

Step By Step Fundraising Promotion Guide

One of the biggest questions we get once our users publish their fundraising and donation page is, “What is the best way to promote my page?”. This is a make-or-break question for your campaign.

If people don’t know you exist, they can’t support you. To help you achieve success and spread the word in an impactful and comprehensive way, we have put together a 8 step guide to promote your fundraising page.


Once you’ve published your fundraising / donation page, ensure that it is included on your website. Adding the fundraising page as another item on your Menu.

  1. If your website has a sliding header on the homepage, include an image (perhaps a screen shot of your HelloFund fundraising or donation page) with a button linking directly to the page, and a tag-line to entice people to click (i.e. “Join us for this year’s Night On The Town Gala before tickets disappear”)
  2. Consider a pop-up window to greet your users as they scroll, or as they’ve been on the website for a certain number of seconds.
  3. If you are not a fan of pop-ups, consider a permanent, but less invasive bar at the top of your website using

TIP: Call-to-action buttons are crucial. Not only their placement, but their wording as well. You can read more on our blog about our favorite donation buttons. A button is most utilized in the upper right hand corner of your website’s header and/or in the middle of the homepage above the fold.

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