Ring In The Holidays With Paperless Post And HelloFund

Paperless Post HelloFund Event Invitation

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ holiday e-card?

The Kindness Campaign has added an extra touch of holiday cheer to their event ticket page with a beautiful Paperless Post email invitation. After creating their fundraising event ticket website on HelloFund, the organization designed a personal and festive email invitation on Paperless Post. In their email, they addressed each guest by their first and last name, and included all of the event details.

Paperless Post Fundraising Invitation HelloFund

Sending a formal and official event invitation – yes, even by email – adds an extra level of persuasion to your guests that you would like them to attend. It shows guests that you took the time to personally let them know you would like to see them at your fundraiser.

The Kindness Campaign HelloFund Paperless Post Event

After you create your HelloFund fundraising or event ticket page, which you can do in 10 minutes, design a Paperless Post card and send it to your guests (be sure to include their first and last names as well as the link to your HelloFund fundraising page).

The Kindness Campaign Fundraising Event

You can find some event page design inspiration on our Instagram account @startyourhellofund and message us for any help you need!