Not enough time in the day to create an Event Ticket or Fundraiser Page?

HelloFund will create your next Event Ticket or Fundraiser Page for YOU!

HelloFund’s pages are extremely easy to create, but, we understand that there is not enough time in the day.  While cultivating relationships with Donors and Sponsors, HelloFund will create your Event Ticket, Fundraisers and Donation Pages.

Event Ticket Examples:

Donate Now Examples:

What are next steps before HelloFund creates these pages?
Step 3 – Fill out Online HelloFund Form and we will create your page (within 24 hours for review…typically sooner)

Optional – Send list of Individual Fundraising Names (Ex. Band/Students) to (Subject Line – Org Name + Fundraiser Title). Must include First Name, Last Name and Email.  Please provide in Excel/.csv format.

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