Nonprofit Rate through Stripe

Did you know Stripe has a non-profit rate?

HelloFund’s nonprofit organizations can apply for Stripe’s nonprofit rate to receive a discount for your Event Ticket Pages, Peer to Peer Fundraisers, Recurring Donations or any page you receive credit card transactions through HelloFund’s platform.

In order to receive the discount on Stripe’s payment processing fee, your organization must have 501(c)(3) status and an EIN number. To apply, provide your EIN number and request a discount to (You may have to provide additional information like your EIN Letter for approval)

Once your nonprofit status has been confirmed by Stripe, donations made to your organization using HelloFund will be processed at Stripe’s nonprofit rate. As of January 24th, 2019, Stripe’s nonprofit fee is 2.2% + $0.30 for Visa / Mastercard / Discover and 3.5% for AMEX.