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Do you find yourself searching for Donor Data from Board Members and Supporters after a Facebook Fundraiser or 3rd Party Event?

Why is donor data important?
You spend time to organize fundraising campaigns and look for opportunities for your nonprofit to engage with the community to raise awareness for your mission and cause. Every donor interaction or community engagement results in new data. Collecting and analyzing this data allows you to better understand your donors.

Are we currently capturing all the donor information from our fundraising events?
My guess is no.  We speak with several nonprofits on a daily basis and it is common to hear that we just received a random check from a Birthday Fundraiser from Facebook, but, no donor data to go along with it?  Check out Leighton’s Birthday Fundraiser here.

Stats from Leighton’s Birthday Fundraiser benefitting Austin Diaper Bank:

  • 18 New Donors*
  • 95% of donors covered the fee
  • Austin Diaper Bank received funds within 2 business days

*While this is a small sample size, the donor data is really important for Austin Diaper Bank.  You never know if 1 of these 18 donors is going to be a Sponsor at your Annual Gala, a Recurring Monthly Donor or Major Gift Donor.

Want to learn how you can capture Donor Data for your organization?
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