How to Get Someone to Donate on Your Page

How to Get Someone to Donate on Your Page

Hi, I’m Phil, the founder of HelloFund and I’m so excited you landed on this blog post. HelloFund was founded to take less so that your organization can raise more! We strive to be your partners as the experts in how to build fundraisers and landing pages so you can do what you do best and get those donors. One of our pillars is customer experience as we want both you and your supporters to have a positive and seamless experience on these templates. But don’t worry, I’ve been in the industry for 10 years so I have a lot of research that went into these templates. Take 10 minutes and build your page for your next campaign, recurring donations or event >>

This is an example of an opening description and video. Videos are always better but also having a text introduction is important.

UX Design

There is definitely logic behind the user design and flow of your landing page to increase your chances to have users take the action you want them to take. You can read our latest blog post on landing page buttons. Keep in mind three things when designing your page to inspire people to donate:

If it was your first time on the site, can you answer the following questions:

  • What does the organization do?
  • What is the organization’s name?
  • What does the organization want me to do?

Tell Your Story

Include a good amount of information about why your organization (or the campaign) came about and what you’re trying to achieve. Be engaging in everything you say getting people to agree or feel motivated or want to partner to help your constituents. This is a great opportunity for a personal video with one or two people talking directly to the camera to make the appeal. If you can, invest in the production a bit for good lighting, sound and an opening and closing. Have the opening showcase your logo and the closing send people to your website. If you don’t have any production budget, you can do some pretty advanced things in iMovie on your laptop. Overall, do your best to come across conversational and real in the video.

Evoke Emotion

Visuals are key in evoking emotion on your page. Use high-resolution photos of those you are supporting, your team, and volunteers. Include photos of major donors to give them some recognition. People like to be recognized and for potential donors to see you go out of your way to recognize those who give, is an added benefit. Also, make sure it’s as clear as it can be where a person’s donation will go. For example, sponsoring a child, providing clean water to a village of 10k people, or giving a recurring donation to NPR because a user takes advantage of their smartphone app. Clearly stating the value added to a donation increases the chances of someone donating.


Make your landing page work for you by installing code, adding it to your Google Analytics and a Facebook tracking pixel. This will help you understand what kind of traffic you are receiving and where its coming from. Review this on the first of every month for the previous month to learn what audience your capturing and what’s working.

Don’t be afraid to change things around sometimes and see how it affects your analytics.


You can have the best donation page ever, but it won’t matter if there is no traffic. Once your page is ready, promote it:

  • On your website (homepage, above-the-fold)
  • In the bios and about sections on all of your social media channels
  • Consider pop-ups throughout your website
  • Send a dedicated-email announcing your new donation page and couple it with a campaign to inspire people to visit (time your launch with a national or international holiday that feeds into your mission – e.g. International Women’s Day, World Intellectual Property Day, Earth Day, Pet Day, etc.)
  • Couple with a local or national brand or company to help promote your donation page (e.g. a local restaurant to add a line-item on their receipts for donations, or host one day per month where proceeds go to the organization, etc.)
  • Send out a press release announcing your new donation page launch coupled with your campaign and see if you can get an interview or piece in a newspaper or magazine

There is a lot you can do, just make sure you are constantly reminding people your donation page exists and is taking donations.