HF Tutorial: How to integrate Wix with Your HelloFund Donation Page

Wix HelloFund Integration

How To: Integrate Wix with your HelloFund Fundraising Page

We sure do love Wix! Why? Because they integrate seamlessly with HelloFund. Wix offers the option to “Embed an External Site”. This allows you to stay within the Wix platform while bringing over your HelloFund fundraising website.

Here are the steps to follow to integrate your HelloFund page with Wix:

  1. Login and click on the “Add” button in the icon menu on the left-hand side of the Wix panel
  2. In the list of option, scroll down to the bottom and click “More”
  3. You will see options for “Embeds” and you want to click the middle one, “Embed a Site”

Need more support, visit Wix’s support center.

Shout-out to Taber Wetz, designer of Dallas Dad’s website, which we love, and their simple, clean HelloFund donation page that he integrated with Wix.

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Wix HelloFund Integration Step 1

Wix HelloFund Integration Step 2

Wix HelloFund Integration Step 3