How do fundraising pages work?
How do custom pages work?
What are custom fields?

Set Up a HelloFund Fundraiser

Setting up a Fundraiser is a quick and easy in HelloFund’s platform.  All you need is a quality logo/profile pic and background image with a little more information about your fundraiser.

Prior to setting up a fundraiser, be sure to Sign Up to setup your account in the top right corner on

Step 1 –  Select A Page Type

If already logged in, click on Pages tab and click on the Create a New Page button in the top right corner of the page:

Then, click on Fundraiser in Select A Page Type screen:

Step 2 – Insert Details

Insert as much or little information as you would like in the Details section.  Check out some of the examples below in the screen shots and tips for each one.

Fundraiser Title – Examples: Sponsor A Wish, Raise for the Cure, Art School Addition, Annual Fundraiser, Fun Run or anything you are raising funds for!

Fundraiser Goal – Put $1 or $1,000,000. With HelloFund, you can raise as little or as much as you would like.  Did you surpass your goal? Great, you will see those funds still come in past the thermometer.

Short Description – Catch the attention of your donors quickly so they can learn why you are raising funds.  Example: My goal is to raise $5,000 to send 10 kids to camp this summer.   Please help by making a donation below and help me surpass my goal.

Step 2 – Insert Details (continued)

Additional Information – This can be detailed information about your mission, schedule of events, breakdown of funds (Example: $500 – Send a Kid to Camp, $250 – School Supplies, etc.), or any additional information you would like your donors to see.  This will show up as a Learn More button on your fundraising page.

Video URL – Do you have a great video to share?  Be sure to copy and paste the url from YouTube or Vimeo and insert the link in the Details section of the fundraiser setup for the video to show up on your fundraising page. Leave blank if you do not want to show a video on your fundraising page.

Google Maps – Do you have an in person event/location associated with your fundraiser? If so, insert the appropriate address for the Google Map to show up on your fundraising page. Leave blank if you do not want to show a Google Map on your fundraising page.

Fundraiser Date – It’s important to set a date for your fundraiser so you can give your donors a deadline to reach your fundraising goal.  When you set a date in HelloFund, you have the option to display a countdown until your fundraiser ends.  

Step 3 – Design

Fundraiser Logo – This logo will show up in the top left of your fundraising page.  

Background Image* – For best results, image should be at least 1280 x 500. Must be in PNG, JPG or GIF format.

Background Color and Accent Color – Select a color from the Color Pallette provided in the Design Settings, or, insert a Custom Color.  For a Custom Color, insert the # from the Hex Color Code (Example: #142535).  *If you would like your Background Image to appear in its original state, please leave the Background Color empty.

Step 3 – Design (continued)

Fundraising Options

Enable Team Fundraising – This will allow you to add teams to your overall fundraising campaign.   See Team Fundraising for more details.

Show a Countdown –  This is associated with the date you selected for your fundraiser and will be displayed on your fundraising page.   

Pass fee along to the donor – When selected, this gives the donor the option to pay the additional fee so that 100% of the donation goes directly to your organization.  See Pricing for more details.

Give donors option to make a recurring donation – When selected, this gives donors the option to make a monthly recurring donation.  The monthly recurring donation occurs on the same day every month as the original donation date. For example, if a donation was made on 05/15, then, the next donation will be made on 06/15.

Donation Levels – Select the donation amounts that you would like to be displayed on the payment form.  To deselect a donation amount, simply click on the highlighted amount. To add another donation level, simply insert it in the Add Donation Level box and click Add Level.

Step 3 – Design (continued)

Checkout Confirmation Message – This is the message displayed when a donation has been completed on your fundraising page.  Feel free to insert a custom message that you would like your donors to receive.

Email Confirmation Message – This is the message donors will receive in a confirmation email upon receipt of their donation.  Feel free to insert a custom message with your tax id information. See Email Examples for more information.