HelloFund Feature Updates

We received some feedback from our current users and wanted to share some of the wonderful features we added to the HelloFund platform this month!

Donation Confirmation for Individual Fundraiser – Every time a donation is received on an Individual Fundraiser’s Page, they will receive an email that someone donated to their page.

Admins have control of all Fundraising Pages – Admins have ability to Edit Individual Fundraisers and control each page with the following capabilities: Edit Fundraising Goal, Upload Image, Edit About and Add Offline Transactions.

Reports – Added Fundraiser and Team columns in reports to keep track of donations.

Tax Deductible Amount – Added Tax Deductible Amount in Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunities to allow Donors to receive Total Tax Deductible Amount in Automatic Email.

Updated Receipt and Confirmation Message + Share on Facebook Feature – We added more details about the event along with an option to Share on Facebook of the confirmation receipt.

Payment Forms  – All of our Payment Forms have been updated with Purchasers being able to select Tickets/Donation Amount, then, having the ability to insert their information along with credit card information securely.

Why did we make this update? Having the payment form set up this way allows HelloFund users to embed any payment form into their website.

Embed Your iFrame – When you click on Settings on any Page in your HelloFund account, you will see the Embed Your Form to copy and insert into your website.  Below is an example of how HelloFund Payment Forms will look on your website:

We are continually trying to create the best fundraising solution for you and your organizations to utilize throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please call us at  512-981-9585 or email us at support@hellofund.com.  Thank you!