Branded Pages
You can customize all of your pages with your logo, colors, and images, and you can set your own confirmation and email messages. Emails sent out for your fundraiser are also branded with your logo and colors

Custom Messaging
You can set custom messages at every step of the donation or purchasing process that give your donors helpful and specific information about your event or fundraiser. For example, you might want to include specific directions to a location alongside an email receipt of a transaction.

Detailed Reporting
Dynamically generate reports for individual pages, customers, or fora particular date range. Our reports include any information collected from your donors and provide a high level overview of all of your fundraising pages.

Powerful Analytics
Track how many people visited your page, how many transactions were processed, and the total dollar amount for a particular period of time. Analytics give you the ability to measure how people are responding and interacting with your campaign.

Offline Donations
Easily add offline donations for payments made by check or cash. This allows you to more accurately track your fundraising totals. You can optionally enable individual fundraisers to accept offline donations for peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Cover Processing Fees
Giving donors the option to cover processing fees is a great way to increase the amount of money you raise and cover your costs. This feature is built into the checkout process and can be turned off if needed.

Recurring Donations
We ask your donors if they’d like to cover the credit card processing fees when checking out. Giving donors the option to cover these fees is a great way to increase the amount of money you raise and cover your costs. Covering processing fees can be turned off if needed.

Donation Forms
Build a simple donation form for one time or recurring donations. You can also attach donation pages to Event and Custom fundraising pages, as well as store pages. This allows your donors to make contributions directly if they need to.

Interactive Maps
Add a Google Map to your page that allows your visitors to know exactly where your event or organization is located. These maps help your visitors get a general sense of where they need to go.

Embedded Videos
You can link to a YouTube or Vimeo video about your campaign to get your donors excited and engaged with your event or campaign. Videos are a great way to increase engagement with your event or campaign.

Event Sponsorships
Get more support for your event by selling sponsorships alongside tickets. You can manage and track sponsorships and add logos for featured sponsors to your event pages.

Guest Lists
Keep track of all guest attending your event and easily print or export your guest list so you can check people in at the door.

Event Countdowns
Create excitement for your event by adding an event countdown to the top of your page that lets your attendees know how many days, hours, and minutes until your event starts.

Event RSVP’s
For events that don’t require ticket sales or sponsorships, you can setup a simple RSVP page that allows attendees to register for your event.

Tax Deductible Receipts
Add a tax deductible amount for your event ticket and sponsorships. These amounts are added to each attendees email receipt and allow your attendees to easily save a record of their contribution for tax purposes.

Custom Forms
Our custom pages allow you to build dynamic forms with all the standard fields you need to create dynamic and powerful forms to capture the information you need. Fields can be basic or they can have be attached to a dollar amount.

Embeddable Forms
You can embed any HelloFund page directly into your website or any site that allows you to add HTML code. These embeddable forms don’t have any additional elements so it’s easy to build your own fundraising pages around them. These embeddable forms are powerful and can allow you to run your fundraising pages directly from your own site.