Create Simple Event Ticket Pages with HelloFund

HelloFund’s Checklist for creating a simple, yet, effective event ticket page:

  1. Event Title
  2. Event Date
  3. Start Time
  4. End Time
  5. Short Description
  6. Event Details
  7. Form Description
  8. Add Video
  9. Google Map
  10. Event Logo
  11. Custom Button
  12. Background Image
  13. Background Color
  14. Accent Color
  15. Page Options
  16. Checkout Confirmation Message
  17. Email Confirmation Messages
  18. Add Tickets and Sponsorship Options

For this example, we are using an End of Summer Benefit, however, you can create any type of simple event ticket page with HelloFund.

  1. Event Title | Ex. End of Summer Benefit at Sway
  2. Event Date | Select day from calendar dropdown and show countdown clock (see page options)
  3. Start Time | Ex. 4:00
  4. End Time | Ex. 6:00 PM (Note: I like to ONLY insert PM on End Time as I believe it shows up better on page)
  5. Short/Event Description | Tell people a little bit about your event
    Join us for our 1st Annual End of Summer party benefiting “Your Organization”. Tickets are $30 and limited to 100 people. Click Buy Now to join us on August 30th!
  6. Event DetailsMore details about your event (Ex. Sponsorship Details, Event Timeline, Entertainment and Contact Info)
  7. Form Description (optional) | Ex. Insert contact info for questions
  8. Add a VideoInsert a YouTube or Vimeo video into your Fundraiser Page
    Ex. Event Ticket Webinar –
  9. Google Map | Insert Venue and Address (Tip: If you hit Enter after the Venue Name and Street Address, it displays cleaner on page)
  10. Event LogoAdd a specific logo for this event if you would like it to be different than main organization logo
  11. Custom Button | Enter your Call Out Button Text (Ex. Buy Now, Sponsor or Purchase)
  12. Add Background ImageBest Images are ones with simple image with NO Text.  Images should be at least 1440 x 800 in PNG, JPG or GIF format.
  13. Background Color| Select a color from our dropdown or insert custom HEX # (Ex. #00000)
  14. Accent Color (Callout Button Color) | Select a color from our dropdown or insert HEX # (Ex. #00000)
  15. Page Options
    – Give donors/purchasers the option to cover fees
    – Show a countdown to the event start
    – Show a map of the location
    – Enable sharing
  16. Checkout Confirmation Message |Insert custom message
    Thanks for your purchase! If you have any questions, please contact Phil at
  17. Email Confirmation Message | Insert custom text for email receipt
    Thank you so much for your purchase! Please keep this email receipt as your official record and consult a tax professional in your area to claim any deductions/donations on your taxes. If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact Phil at
  18. Add Tickets and Sponsorship Options | Add Ticket Title, Available ( insert limits so you don’t oversell tickets if applicable), Dates Available (ex. Early Bird Ticket Options).  LEAVE DATES AVAILABLE BLANK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LIMIT.

Check out some examples of HelloFund Event Ticket Pages below:

Gala Events
Red Oak Hope Gala
Swan Songs
Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Concordia’s Top Golf Scramble

Luncheons/Speaker Series
Greater Austin Sports Foundation

Catholic School Events
St. Austin’s Spaghetti Dinner

Alumni Events
Texas Exes Barge Party
Texas Exes Orange & White Kickoff

J. Michael Carroll Brain Cancer Foundation

To create your own event ticket page with HelloFund, click HERE!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about event ticket pages with HelloFund, please call us at 512-981-9585 or email Phil at