Custom Forms

With our custom forms you can build powerful, dynamic forms that allow you to gather detailed information from users. You can build anything from membership forms to registration forms to surveys – there are no limits to what you can do. With custom forms you can combine, configure, and sort custom fields in whatever format you need. Here’s a quick breakdown of how our custom forms work:

  • Custom forms can be used for payments or just to collect information.
  • Create any kind of field including simple text fields, checkbox fields, radio fields, drop down select fields, and multi line text fields.
  • Add a dollar amount to fields and dynamically add them to the total.
  • Create conditional fields that only show up when another fields value matches
  • Set required fields.
  • Custom forms support one time, monthly, and yearly recurring payments.

St. Georges Birthday Book Programs

More Features

Branded Pages
Cover processing fees
Recurring Payments
Custom Messaging
YouTube/Vimeo Videos
Interactive Maps
Embeddable Forms
Detailed Reporting
Powerful Analytics

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