Bring Your Event Sponsors to Life on Your Fundraising Page

Events Sponsors Fundraising Page

How to bring your event sponsors to life on your fundraising page

What do event sponsors want? Exposure. How much do they want it? As much as possible. Roll-up your sleeves, let’s get creative, and let’s go after those event sponsor dollars.

Here are five ways to bring event sponsors to life on your event page:

  1. Have a sponsor logo bar on the fundraising page:
     Event Sponsors Website Bar
  2. Include image and video sponsor logo watermarks. On every video and image used on the web page, include the organization and biggest sponsor logos faded out (as “watermarks”) in the bottom corner. Here’s some more information about what it is.
     Event Sponsors Image Watermark
  3. Create video intros and outros. Add a 5-10 second intro and outro on all of your videos with your sponsor(s) logo(s) and tag-lines (e.g. intro: “AT&T | #RethinkPossible Presents”) and a 5-10 second outro again showcasing the sponsor(s) logo(s) and the nonprofit’s website URL. Here are some examples of intro and outro videos.
  4. Offer a downloadable Media Kit. Create a small media kit for users to download image frame designs, graphics, the event logo and hashtag, and some pre-defined messages for social media. If you have a video, also include the video embed information. Look at this as an opportunity as well to include your sponsor in the messaging, their logo in the images, and perhaps a branded hashtag created for the event but including – somehow – the largest sponsor’s name.
  5. Record an interview with the sponsor (which is then shared on your project/event website and social media).

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