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CASE STUDY: Hill Country Conservancy

#LakeLeapChallenge GivingTuesday Campaign 

Every year, thousands of nonprofits prepare for one of the biggest giving days of the year: GivingTuesday,
an international day of generosity. Every year, the same question is asked:
what makes a successful GivingTuesday campaign?

We took a look at our client Hill Country Conservancy’s GivingTuesday campaign and loved what we saw!
Through hard work and the rallying of the community, they not only met their fundraising goal of $40,000,
but exceeded it by over $5,000!

So, what made their GivingTuesday campaign successful?

Giving people a fun challenge

While GivingTuesday makes headlines for the financial impact it has for organizations,  the idea behind the day itself is bringing a community together to raise awareness and  bring positive change. Giving people the opportunity to do something besides donate money makes any campaign memorable, and helps it stand out amidst the crowd HCC’s GivingTuesday campaign was the #LakeLeapChallenge, similar to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge that took the internet by storm. HCC leadership committed to  leaping into Lake Austin (and it’s cold this time of year y’all) if the community rallied to  raise $40,000 to support Austin’s “imperiled water supply.” Sure enough, the community  went above and beyond, and on a chilly 37º morning, HCC leadership carried through on  their promise! 

P.S. It’s a fantastic idea to create a custom hashtag for your campaign! 

#LakeLeapChallenge By The Numbers

Active use of Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be understated when it comes  to fundraising. Social media gives you access to millions of people across the world,  creating the opportunity to keep current supporters up to date with your  fundraising needs, and reach new and potential donors with your message.  Hill Country Conservancy began promoting their GivingTuesday campaign  a couple weeks early, giving their team and supporters time to spread the word  and build traction going into the big day. The momentum they built on social media  prior to GivingTuesday carried them towards successfully reaching their goal.  On the day of, they posted multiple times, using a series of graphics to remind  donors of what they were fundraising for, and remaining a constant presence on  social media feeds. At the end of the day, they wrapped it up with a thank you note  to their donors and supporters, something we always recommend!

Recruiting Board Members and Staff

We all know teamwork is the key to success, both in life and fundraising!  You don’t have to fundraise alone when you have an active and involved board!  One feature HelloFund offers is the ability for individuals to create personal  fundraising pages to support an organization’s fundraising efforts; HCC board  and staff members successfully employed this feature to engage in peer-to-peer  fundraising, connecting their networks to HCC’s fundraiser and helping HCC exceed its goal! 

These tactics helped Hill Country Conservancy exceed their GivingTuesday campaign goal, and they can help you exceed your fundraising goal – any time of the year! To get started today and speak to a fundraising professional, contact a HelloFund Client Success Manager. We can’t wait to help you launch your next fundraising campaign!

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